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Shoutcast Hosting is a solution that offers on-line broadcasters like dj’s, performers and radio stations a way to broadcast to their audience. Shoutcast hosting enables pretty much anybody to be able to broadcast their content over the internet, which is actually a essential solution in this particular point in time.



[icon_cog]Icecast Hosting[/icon_cog]


ICEcast Hosting is another way to stream online, Our ICEcast Hosting packagesare really easy tosetup and are avalable using the finist quality data transfer along with online connectivity readily available for audio streaming. ICEcastis really anInternet broadcasting method, it can be used for online radio stations, Online DJing as well as to deliver live sound to your site.



[icon_server]Service & Quality[/icon_server]


At streaming music it is important to use to ensure our costumer satisfactions  and we work hard to make sure each clients get the highest quality stream hosting service. We use the finest hardware on the market to make sure we meet our customers needs and upgrade as needed.[/tiny]


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Customer Review


[testimonial author="Johnny  Sakston"]“I just wanted to say that Streaming music has the best possible service I ever had together with the best possible streaming servers. highly recommended!!”[/testimonial]



About Streaming Music

Streaming music provides you with solid SHOUTcast and additionally ICEcast streaming. Our servers located in Europe and is redundant.


Our crew is constantly available for you, so we can offer you the best possible technical support. You can be certain to get top notch Stream Hosting & 24/7 support & the best Streaming server up-time.


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